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VoIP CallBack Solution

Entrepreneurs who are entering the VoIP market, existing VoIP service and calling card providers, are using Callback to take advantage of the savings of VoIP and generate additional revenue. Because of the reversed call path and the savings of VoIP, providers are able to pass savings along to their end users, making Callback an attractive service for end users and providers alike.

DORETEL's VoIP CallBack Solution is designed to entitle service providers with an all-in-one management tool for all various Callback services. DORETEL's Softswitch-based Callback Platform Solution integrates ANI/PIN/SMS/WEB Callback Services with a Call Route Management, Client Management and a Reporting Platform to provide Enhanced VoIP-based Callback services.

DORETEL's VoIP CallBack Solution incorporates a callback manager, softswitch, billing server, and full technical integration of VoIP, PSTN and GSM.

Like all of our solutions, the VoIP CallBack Solution allows providers the flexibility to choose which features are right for them.

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