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Calling Card Design and Printing
  Graphic Design

Doretel Communications, Inc. will provide all of your imaging needs and turn your thoughts into a reality. Our graphic designers continue to receive accolades from around the world for the distinguished work they constantly accomplish. Our specialists can work with any specifications or configurations or computer generated art work in today’s marketplace. Also, we can create from scratch or use photos, slides, lithographs, etchings, etc. to produce your customized phone card.


Doretel Communications, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of paper and plastic prepaid phone cards with 1 to 6 color(s) full-bleed front and 1 to 6 color(s) back. Also included, pin/control numbering, sequential numbering and scratch-off panel. What's more, Doretel Communications, Inc. has no limitations when it comes to printing a card especially a phone card. We have the ability to print various other cards, such as, metallic, foil stamped, die cut and peel away cards.


Doretel Communications, Inc. offers a full range of packaging including, blister packs, windowed envelopes, shrink wrap, fin-seal. Plus, all types of specialty printing including P.O.P/P.O.S. displays. Our full range of packaging can add the finishing touch to your customized prepaid phone card program. For more information please call or email us today for a quote and samples of our work!
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