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Consulting for Call Center VoIP
  As a call center professional, you know that details matter. For accurate, fast, and
profitable service results, your agents, communications system, and data systems
must be constantly tuned to work together effectively.

What happens to the customer before a call is connected to an agent speaks almost as
loudly about your company as what the agent says. Inefficiencies of two or three
seconds per contact can erode your quarterly, yearly, and long-term goals. Your
center can become a cost center, not the profit center it was designed to be and can

Doretel has used its extensive knowledge of the call center environment to provide
effective operations, management, and training solutions for the call center

Call Center VoIP Consulting Services

Whether the issues are large or small, Doretel can assist you in the specific areas
you're concerned about.

If your needs are short term, we can focus on where "quick fixes" can be achieved.

Doretel's Call Center VOIP Optimization Review
Doretel's Call Center Optimization Review is a structured review of your call
center. You'll get constructive, results-oriented recommendations, and we'll work
with you to develop a strategy to identify and achieve your goals in contact center
planning, implementation, and operations.

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