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Hosted Calling Card Solution

DORETEL's Hosted Calling Card Solution enable partners who want to leverage the benefits of a proven global VoIP infrastructure and manage their own calling card rate decks to take advantage of the Hosted Calling Card Solution for billing, authentication, authorization, and administration.

              Key Features

  • Multi-Carrier Support: DORETEL's Calling Card Solution allows you to use multiples carrier so you can take advantage of the least cost routing features.

  • Pin Generation Management: User friendly Pin and Serial Generation Tool so you easily produce your cards. Special modules to generate pins, activate and deactivate them including fraud detection support.

  • Call Credit Limit Control: Using radius-billing and AAA fully integrated to our Billing Solution to make sure the call is automatically disconnected once the client balance is exhausted.

  • Pin-less Number Registration for Cards and Customer Accounts: Registered customers no longer need to enter a Pin number to be able to make calls. Once they have registered their phone number, all the calls made on that phone will be tracked by the Billing Software.

  • Flexible Rate Definition Tools: Including peak and off peak rates, flat rates, connection and service fees, recurring fees, taxes and promotional rates.

    Who may take advantage of these solutions?

  • New entrepreneurs looking to start a business using the emerging VoIP Technology.
  • Existing Telco based Calling Card companies or Carriers to would like to migrate to VoIP and increase profits while decreasing costs.
  • Existing or emerging ITSPs and ISPs who would like to use their existing infrastructure to add VoIP Calling Cards to their list of services.

    For pricing information, please call us at (954)-925-8609 or e-mail and let us help you start a Calling Card Business!

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