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IP Phone Solution
The IP Phone Solution is the preferred solution for smaller businesses, and for customers who do not yet have a PBX. Also there is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) feature that is of importance to customers who have offices in multiple locations.


Doretel Communications, Inc. uses state of the art Cisco phones for their IP phone solution, which have such features as Caller ID, call roll-over, call park, call transfer, call forwarding and a host of other features. The customer must have dedicated internet access (either cable modem or DSL) in order to run Voice over IP with the IP phone solution.

In addition, the customer must have either a dedicated public IP address for each phone or a firewall that supports "skinny" protocol if the customer only has private IP addresses.

The VPN feature gives customers free calling within their own Virtual Private Network. For instance, if you have an IP phone in China and an IP phone in the United States, calls can be made between those two phones for free and you only need dial a 5 digit extension number.

Like all of Doretel Communications services, the IP phone solution quality is outstanding and multiple redundancies in our network ensure that our service is reliable. We back this with 24 X 7 customer support and provide all of our customers with password protected access to a secure web interface where they can see all of their CDRs (Call Detail Records).


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