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Class 5 VoIP Softswitch

DORETEL's Class 5 VoIP Softswitch has been designed to entitle Service Providers with an allinone Management Tool for all their varied IP Telephony Services. DORETEL's Class 5 VoIP Softswitch integrates Call Routing Services, Client Management and Reporting Platform to provide VoIP and circuitswitch Origination and Termination Services.

DORETEL's Class 5 VoIP Softswitchh incorporates Softswitch, Billing server, VoIP hardware and full technical integration of the whole solution. DORETEL's Class 5 VoIP Softswitch IPIP Billing Platform enables you to successfully manage Prepaid/Postpaid Services, Wholesale, Termination, Caller ID ANI, Callback, PC to Phone, IP Phones and other Adaptors and Hosted Callshop all in one Solution.

DORETEL's Class 5 VoIP Softswitch provides the following advantages:

  • Integration of all VoIP Services all in one Platform
  • SIP and H323 Compatible
  • Quintum and Cisco Hardware support
  • Scalability and Reliability
  • Allows VoIP Market rapid entry with a minimum investment

             Key Features

  • SIP Proxy Server
  • H323 AAA
  • Prepaid / Postpaid Billing
  • Proxy gatekeeper
  • NAT Client support
  • Online Call Status
  • Builtin Radius, IVR and Database
  • Unlimited Tariffs
  • Proxy Call Signaling Enabled
  • Full feature Tariff( Surcharge Fee, Resolution, 30 by 6)
  • Unlimited Carrier Support ( Termination Side)
  • Least Coast Routing Support
  • Instant H323 and SIP Carrier Support
  • Unlimited Client Registration
  • Call Control Features (Maximum Talk Time, Max Ring Time)
  • Automatic User Generation
  • User friendly Database Management System
  • Online Statistics and Reporting
  • Fraud detection tools
  • Unlimited Gateway Support

              Enhanced Features

  • Customized Reports and Invoices
  • Web Based Customer Care
  • Web Based CDR
  • Web based Reseller Module
  • Callback Module ( Web, ANI, SMS)
  • PC2Phone Module
  • Ecommerce Module including Credit Card Payment support

    Platinum Features
  • Call Forward
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Three Way Calling
  • Multiples Numbers
  • Voice Mail / Web Mail

    Solution Components
  • Analog or Digital VoIP Gateway
  • Doretel’s Softswitch Billing Platform
  • Partnership with VoIP Carrier(s)
  • Remote Installation Services and Training to get your business up and running in two to three hassle free business days.

    Who may take advantage of these solutions?
  • Service Providers looking to Prepaid Calling Cards, Postpaid, Prepaid, Termination and Wholesale Services with one fully integrated Solution.
  • ITSPs with single or Multiple POPs/VoIP Gateways in one or more locations.
  • ISPs or Carriers who would like to add additional Operations Services using their existing infrastructure.

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