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Quintum Tenor Call Relay Session Border Controller
  • Enterprise and High Capacity Service Provider (SP) versions
• Supports up to 672 simultaneous VoIP calls
• Supports H.323 and SIP Protocols
• Provides H.323/SIP Signalling Translation and Inter-networking
• Local H.323 Gatekeeper Options
• Provides VoIP switching between IP networks
• Supports IP endpoints behind the NAT firewall and remote NAT
• PacketSaver™ reduces bandwidth requirements 57%*

Quintum's Tenor Call Relay™ Session Border Controllers provide a VoIP conduit between IP networks allowing for end to end VoIP communications across multiple IP networks. All calls are switched through multiple IP networks with just one single compression and decompression of the voice. The result is less latency and higher voice quality as the call passes from network to network.

The Tenor Call Relay allows VoIP endpoints, such as VoIP gateways, IP phones and IP soft phones which are behind a Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall, to communicate with VoIP networks on other external IP networks. This allows both enterprises and service providers to expand their VoIP networks to home offices, branch offices, customers, partners, and across the public Internet.

Tenor Call Relay also provides a single point for call management, administration and security at the edge of your VoIP network.

With this unique intelligent VoIP network switching, Tenor Call Relay makes expanding VoIP calling both easy and risk free. Call Relay is available in two versions: Enterprise Call Relay 60 supports up to 60 simultaneous VoIP calls; Call Relay SP supports up to 672.

More intelligence means higher voice quality and less delay
When separate VoIP networks are linked using circuit switched connections, the multiple compression and de-compression processes that occur increase transmission delay and cause unnecessary degradation of the voice quality. Tenor Call Relay eliminates these delays with its direct IP connection between VoIP networks, thereby increasing voice quality.

More intelligence means greater efficiency and security
Tenor Call Relay comes with a Gatekeeper option* for registration of IP endpoints and phones within the local zone. Calls within the zone are routed directly between endpoints; Calls out of the zone pass through the Call Relay for maximum security.

More intelligence means less network congestion
With its PacketSaver™* Technology, the Tenor Call Relay reduces bandwidth consumption of VoIP calls by multiplexing multiple calls into the same packet, reducing the overall bandwidth utilization by up to 57%, beyond voice compression and silence suppression.

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