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Quintum Tenor CMS Series
  Tenor CMS offers:
• Available in 2 or 8 slot chassis
• Up to 32 T1/E1/PRI Spans per chassis (up to 960 DS0s)
• Up to 960 VoIP channels
• Integrated H.323 gatekeeper
• Intelligent Call Routing
• VoIP and Tandem Circuit Switching
• IVR/Radius AAA Compliant (Multilingual IVR)
• SelectNet™ Auto-Switching provides superior voice quality
• Integrated H.323 gateway and gatekeeper or SIP User Agent
• Support for external Quintum Call Routing Server*
• Support for external Quintum Tenor Monitor
• Support for external Remote Management Session Server*

The Quintum Tenor Carrier Multi Path Switch offers a two or an eight port chassis to give service providers, CLEC's, ISP's and next-generation service providers an easy, cost-effective way to deliver low-cost, high-quality voice services over IP networks. The Tenor supports H.323 or SIP, intelligent call routing, and QoS all in one solution. Tenor CMS provides the functionality required to support applications such as:

• Wholesale VoIP Termination • Tandem Switching
• Call Centers • VoIP Local Access
• Least Cost Routing • Calling Cards

Carrier class intelligence delivers a complete application solution.

Integrated VoIP and Circuit Switching: Complete VoIP/circuit switch intelligently switches calls between circuits (DS0s) and IP, between multiple circuits and between IP endpoints.
Advanced Call Routing Support: Quintum’s external VoIP Call Routing Server provides scalable, centralized network routing control and administration for larger networks. Provides enhanced network-wide routing flexibility including QoS routing, least cost routing, source based routing, and extensive network routing statistics/report generation.
Network Management Support: Quintum’s external Network Management Server helps lower maintenance costs through centralized provisioning, alarm monitoring, CDR collecting and real time call monitoring.
Enhanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Supports multiple user selectable languages and prompts.

SelectNet™ intelligence takes the risk out of VoIP.
With our patented SelectNet™ Technology, the Tenor continuously monitors the IP network on a call by call basis for jitter, latency and packet loss, and transparently switches customer calls to the PSTN when required. This intelligent switching allows you to achieve the Quality of Service targets that your customers demand, at costs that traditional phone companies simply cannot match.

PacketSaver™ intelligence minimizes network congestion.
PacketSaver™ Technology allows the Tenor to reduce bandwidth consumption up to 50%, by combining voice packets from several calls into a single packet to minimize bandwidth overhead.

NATAccess™ intelligence means greater security.
The Tenor VoIP Multi Path Switch also features a unique technology that allows it to operate behind NAT-enabled firewall's. The innovative NATAccess™ solution overcomes the problem of NAT firewall's not correctly translating internal IP addresses into public addresses when a VoIP call is established with an outside party.

Support for SS7/C7.
Tenor CMS is able to support SS7/C7 using an external signaling gateway*.

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