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Quintum Tenor Gatekeeper
  A more intelligent way to support call management of VoIP network:
GateKeeper+ offers:
• Standalone GateKeeper
• H.323 v3 industry standard compliant
• Advanced call routing and administration
• Up to 800 simultaneous VoIP calls per GateKeeper
• Scalable distributed architecture
• Support for external Remote Management Session Server*

Quintum's Tenor® GateKeeper+ gives enterprises and service providers a standalone H.323 compliant gatekeeper for VoIP networks. The Tenor GateKeeper+ provides the call routing and administration for all of the H.323 VoIP endpoints in your network, including gateways, IP phones and PC clients.

The Quintum Tenor GateKeeper+ provides the unique ability to dynamically self configure the VoIP routing database. It will also support static routing to provide connectivity to endpoints that are not part of your VoIP network. The advanced call routing enables the Tenor GateKeeper+ to provide load balancing among multiple gateways. The Tenor GateKeeper+ also provides for authentication/ authorization of all calls in your VoIP network.

With its unique call processing intelligence, the Tenor GateKeeper+ makes deployment of any size VoIP network easy and risk-free.

More intelligence means easier network configuration
The Tenor GateKeeper+ dynamically self-configures your VoIP network by collecting routing information during endpoint registration. The routing database is automatically constructed and shared among all the gatekeepers in the VoIP network. New endpoints are automatically added and configured into the network.

More intelligence means greater security
The Tenor GateKeeper+ provides authorization and authentication for all calls on your VoIP network. This provides protection against unauthorized calls and insures proper endpoint identification.

More intelligence means greater connectivity
The Tenor GateKeeper+ supports Location Requests (LRQ's) for gatekeeper to gatekeeper communications. This allows simple communication among multiple VoIP networks.

More intelligence means greater salability
The Tenor GateKeeper+ is software upgradeable up to 800 calls. Multiple Tenor GateKeepers will share routing information, combining to create a larger distributed gatekeeper system. The Tenor GateKeeper+ also supports LRQ's, allowing the creation of a tiered network of gatekeepers.

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